for 5 + x performer, 10 + y plastic cups and one bottle of water
various versions 2008-2013, lenght: 6 - 12 min.
composition/concept: Steffi Weismann

Link to documentation/trailer

Fountain is a performance about shrinking resources and the process of circulation.
Fountain is a living sound sculpture – an example of Readymade music.
Fountain is able to make ear massages to a big audience with cheap means and the experience of sharing.

– BONE Festival Bern (CH) 2008 with the group Maulwerker and the fluxus artist Alison Knowles
– MAERZMUSIK 2010 (Foyer Berliner Festspiele) Birthday Event for Dieter Schnebel with the group Maulwerker
– SUCKED ORANGE GALLERY Berlin (dec 2012) with Barbara Loreck, Alessandra Eramo, Wendelin Büchler, Gabriel Dharmoo and SW
– LIDO Berlin / QUEER KABARETT by Bildwechsel (jan 2013) stage version with video projection performed by Barbara Loreck, Alessandra Eramo, Sigrid Keil, Janine Eisenächer and SW
– AUSLAND Berlin / DINGE IM RÜCKSPIEGEL SIND NÄHER ALS SIE ERSCHEINEN (sept 2013) with Barbara Loreck, Uli Ertl, Conrad Noack, Ruth Waldeyer, Sabine Marte
– CORRENTI SEDDUTTIVE galleria comunale Taranto (Italy) oct 2013 with Alessandra Eramo, Georg Klein, Peter Cusack, Wendelin Büchler, Angelo Cannata and S
– SERRALVES EM FESTA, Porto 2015 with guest performers Helena Fereira, Antonio Lago, Pedro Sousa Pereira, Ines Vicente, Fernando Sebastiao, Hugo de Almeida Pinho
– ALEBERTINUM DRESDEN (Version for Choir, 2017) Ensemble auditivvocal Dresden
– BALLHAUS OST Berlin (2017) AUGENLIEDER. maulwerker performing music