Steffi Weismann & Antonia Baehr

Performances with the artist group "ex machinis" (1995-1997)
co-curating and organising Labor Sonor (2001-03)
collaborations with the production group Fernwärme (2002-2007)
duo-performances, cross gender, exchange on concepts and subjects in contemporary dance, theatre and music

  AUGEN ZEUGEN (with ex machinis 1995)
  La Reine, c'est moi (with ex machinis 1996)
  Brünette: siehe Blondinen (with ex machinis 1997)
  FACE - Heavy Cyber Animé (by Steffi Weismann with Antonia Baehr and Steffi Weismann, Podewil 2002)
  Talking about Women (by Antonia Baehr with Steffi Weismann and Antonia Baehr, Podewil 2002)
  Fernwärme (The Making of Performing Arts, Score Exchange...)
  Me - Bird - Happiness (Three Laughing Scores by SW for AB, 2007)
  The Last Thylacine - for Antonia Baehr ABECEDARIUM BESTIARIUM (2012/13)
  tasmanian tiger