Steffi Weismann & Barbara Loreck

performances with the artist group "ex machinis" (1995-2001)
collaborations with the production group Fernwärme (2002-2007)
duo-performances, workshops, exchange on concepts and subjects in contemporary art, theatre and performance

  Augenzeugen (with ex machinis 1995)
  La Reine, c'est moi (with ex machinis 1996)
  Brünette: siehe Blondinen (with ex machinis 1997)
  strom (with ex machinis 1998)
  Fernwärme (The Making of Performing Arts, Score Exchange...)
  Money Transfer (art project by Barbara Loreck 2002/2003)
  Wstep 1-6 (duo performance, Kunstverein Wolfsburg 2005)
  Fountain (versions 2012/13)
  Fountain Barbara Loreck