Steffi Weismann Teaching & Workshops

Diàleg Obert – Performance Intermedia Arts & Experimental Sound, Teatre el Musical, València, in December 2022

Universität zu Köln SPRINGSCHOOL in May 2022 Präsenz under Pressure
Workshop (1 week) Touch it or not – instant compositions with things, bodies and sounds in space

Kunsthochschule Braunschweig 2009-2011
Teaching/workshops in the departments sound art, performance art, visual art

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee 2007/08
Teaching in the department sculpture
Issues: Performance and Interaction, Performance and Video, working with instructions and scores for live events
Presentation of the student works in the exhibition }={ Gleichheitszeichen, Galerie Nord - Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin, 13. December 2007, collaboration with Inge Mahn and Jenny Haack

Akademi for Figurteater Fredrikstad Norwegen (May 2000 and November 2001)
interdisciplinary projects with scenography and acting students, performances in public space and experiments with Fluxus scores, mentoring concepts and realisations of the performative works of the students

Statens Theaterskole Kopenhagen (Staatliche Theaterhochschule Dänemark) October 2000
interdisciplinary projects with directing-, scenography- and acting students
Issues: Again Please! Experiments with live-directing and permanent repetitions in performances