related artists, groups & projects:

related places, archives, networks:
Georg Klein - composer, sound and media artist KlangQuadrat - association for art :: Music Berlin
Maulwerker - Ensemble for experimental vocal music performance & Fluxus ausland - place for music, art and theory in Berlin
Christian Kesten - composer, vocal artist, performer, director errant sound - project space for sound art and spacial practices in Berlin
Annette Krebs - musician, improviser, composer KuLe - Art & Life, artist community, association and project space in Berlin
telefon - Duo Annette Krebs & Steffi Weismann (audiovisual compositions) OG9 - project space in Zurich (2012-2014)
Antonia Baehr / make up productions - Performing Arts Company Kaskadenkondensator - space for performance art in Basel (CH)
Performance Saga - Project by Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Kathrin Grögel Performer Stammtisch - performer network Berlin
Pascale Grau - performance artist/curator in Basel berlinerpool - artist network and archive, Berlin (and Istanbul)
Nicholas Bußmann / Studiobeige - musician/composer/curator archiv performativ research project, Zurich/Basel (2010-2012)
Isabell Spengler - film maker Villa Aurora - german artist residency in Los Angeles
Antje Vowinckel - composer, sound artist, director Q O2 - workspace for audio projects, Brussels
Correnti Seduttive urban sound art project in Taranto/Italy (2013/1014) general public - project space for contemporary arts in Berlin
Venture Doll - urban intervention by Steffi Weismann and Georg Klein (2008) Tesla - media/art/labor in Berlin (2005-2007)
Gap - art project by Asa Stjerna, Stefanie Lorey, Steffi Weismann, HBK Braunschweig Fernwärme - performer network in Berlin (2002-2007)