1x1 Performance with Random Factors

In this work, Steffi Weismann situates herself in relation to John Cage, FLUXUS and the history of performance art, thereby creating her own synthesis of language, music and action. The gap between score and interpretation, concept and realization or the expectation of an event and its occurrence opens space for pictures to arise in the minds of the audience.

A large foam die thrown by a member of the audience supplies the decisive influence. A selection of the parameters for which the die is cast: (1= minimal, 6= maximal)
clothing ° repetition factor ° expressivity ° violence factor ° language (German, French, Engl, Russ., Swiss German, Chinese) ° relationship to the audience ° light ° radius of action (0.50m - 100m) ° duration (2 - 20 minutes)

The artist says of her method: ‘Before each performance, I choose five of the above mentioned parameters and consider how the values from 1 to 6 could affect the performance. I bring along certain objects and materials and sometimes select a topic that interests me at the time. After the results of the throw of the die have been visibly noted down, I take a moment to concentrate. These three minutes of silence are like a vacuum, an empty room. In order to enter this room I must decide quickly on an interpretation of the pre-selected score. I try to draw energy from this overstrain in order to go into action. It is like jumping into cold water. The tension in the auditorium is palpable. The performance of the score may fail, since the audience always view the results in relation to their expectations.’

concept and performance: Steffi Weismann, collaboration on the concept: Stefan Vens
performances at: OFK, Kunstraum Offenbach 2001; Cité des Arts, Paris 2001; Künstlerbahnhof Westend, Berlin 2001; Museo Vostell, Malpartida, Spanien 2001; Tanzbaustelle, Berlin 2001; Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück, Hannover 2003; Labor Sonor, KuLe Berlin 2003; Kaskadenkondensator Basel 2003; ausland, Berlin 2003; Performance Tage "across the border" Museum KUBUS, Hannover 2003; Swiss Institute Rome 2004; Symposion “Zuschauer-Grenze-Performer” HBK Karlsruhe 2006, Théatre Petit Matin Marseille 2007