Interactive solo performance with trampoline and computer (2006)

In ‘spring-time‘ Steffi Weismann brings together three social phenomena that she regards as primary shapers of our body awareness nowadays: ‘city hopping’, fitness mania and allergies. By jumping on a trampoline equipped with sensors, she triggers a variety of sound samples. These consist of breathing, radio interference, city names and short, explosive vocalizations (sneezing and coughing). By jumping more or less intensively, these elements overlap, forming different patterns and a pulsating, randomly generated sound mass that breaks off abruptly when she suddenly stops moving.
The performative energy released contrasts sharply with the usual posture of a laptop musician, and demands considerable physical exertion. Control and loss of control are closely allied here.

idea, programming, sound and performance: Steffi Weismann
technical support: Sukandar Kartadinata and Georg Klein
duration: 10 -15 Minuten
performances: Gallery Wildwechsel Frankfurt a. M. 2006; Ballhaus OST, Berlin 2006; First Play Berlin, Live Media Art Programm, HAU 2 Berlin 2006