"Steffi Weismann's performative experiments in communication with machines aim less to probe the potentials of technology than to take us back to ourselves - which is essentially present in and behind every human-machine communication, even if the aims are apparantly quite different ones." Verena Kuni

"Daring: Steffi Weismann's pieces are thus always a risk, sometimes a big one, often small: they treat the ordinary in extraordinary and the extraordinary in ordinary ways. There is a certain cheekiness about them." Dieter Schnebel

"The audio-visual experience of Weismann as a live-acting sound-processing body – that is, a kind of fusion of physicality and technology generating a sound collage – is part of the specificity of her performance Lapstrap. In this respect, Weismann’s work can be viewed in the tradition of Fluxus and acoustic art." Pascale Grau