performance art duo
THE BIRD ERASES THE CITY – el pájaro borra la ciudad
2. September 2022, Performance-Programm in der Kleinen Orangerie
Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin

The artists on their collaboration: "We are convinced that in a live performance body, sound, voice and poetry are understood as instruments of action. They are both tools of experimentation and the place where experimentation takes place. We seek resolution in the object, in the otherness of matter and sound - aware that everything we do has an impact on ourselves and on those who watch us. It is not a self-referential art, it needs the other; what counts is the movement, the sound that inscribes itself, its intensity and the energy that is awakened in the audience. We depart from discourse by articulating the absurd, we are in search of chaos so that it intervenes in our pieces, to open up paths not taken, moving away from the standardization of our behavior." (Text Lorena Izquierdo)

Fotos: Oliver Möst