for magnified objects in image and sound
by Annette Krebs and Steffi Weismann
Acker Stadt Palast Berlin, Program Fluid Spaces (23', 2019)
supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Steffi Weismann: materials/objects, microscope cam, live video
Annette Krebs: Konstruktion#4 (sounding objects, microphones, tablet controllers, voice)

All sounds and images are created live. The two levels relate freely to each other. Annette Krebs works with an electro-acoustic, modular assemblage of metals, strings, woods, objects, microphones, sensors and voice (Konstruktion#4). Steffi Weismann uses a USB microscope (50-200x magnification) and various materials that she sets in motion through indirect touch, liquids or air. Both artists use MaxMsp to transform or "freeze" the live generated material.