During her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (with Dieter Schnebel a.o.), Steffi Weismann met the Maulwerker and became a member of the ensemble in 1993. Since then, numerous international performances as performer and vocalist, collaboration in the programming and collective work processes, conception and technical realisation of stage and video, as well as compositions for the ensemble.

Compositions by Steffi Weismann for voices/speech, sound objects, gestures and/or video, which were premiered by the Maulwerkers:

apropos for 6 live voices, computer voices and ballones (2006)
Passage Intro for 5 voices, objects, doorbell installation and audience (2008)
Fountain 5+x performers 10+y plastic cups and 1 bottle of water (2008-2017)
folie for 5 performers, voices and objects (2016)
Gaze and Friction for 3 - 6 performers, mirrors, objects and voices (2020-2022)
Cluster to Chain spacial composition in four movements outdoors for three groups with objects (2021)
A or B concert performance for 7 performers, objects, live-video and participative audience (2021)
platophonics for 4 performers, microphones, cardboard plates and 4-channel-live-electronics (2021)
Displacement site specific composition for 7 performers, voices, objects, video projection and movable loudspeakers (2022)