interactive sound installation with five lightspeakers and a telephone handset by Georg Klein and Steffi Weismann
Facade Gallery, Kunsthaus KuLe Berlin, Auguststr. 10, Berlin
29.4. - 13.6. 2016 Gallery Weekend Berlin in the frame of the Book Launch: KuLe – Kunst & Leben. A House in Berlin-Mitte since 1990

permeiamo – we persist, we pervade: Transitions, encroachments and demarcations between private and public, in the form of an acoustic gaze on the squatter-established KuLe house (Kunst & Leben / Art & Life).
To whom belongs the KuLe? Across eight interviews KuLe founders as well as residents of the new generation were asked about their relationship to property and the difference between private and public in both personal and social contexts. Hören - Gehören (Listening - belonging). The material of the interviews is presented as an interactive sound piece installed on the building facade that may be heard from the sidewalk. Multiple motion sensors trigger small speakers to amplify sound bites remixed with fragments of the concert "Relations in Time", which took place on the KuLe ground floor. Through five horn speakers, sounds and voices seem to leave the house to join pedestrians walking outside. Those who want to listen more closely may take up a telephone handset, accessible from the outside wall.
Interview partners: Sotiris Bakagiannis, Ursula Maria Berzborn, Nils Dümcke, Swantje Henke, Jörg Heuer, Roni Katz, Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi, Lulu Obermayer, David Reuter, Peter Staikos, Liang Zhipeng. Remix material from the concert of Relations in Time (25 years KuLe-Festival Aug.2015) concept by Steffi Weismann, with: Kai Fagaschinski, Sven-Ake Johannson, Margareth Kammerer, Christian Kesten, Annette Krebs, Chico Mello, Andrea Neumann, Ignaz Schick.