site specific audiovisual composition (16', 2022) for objects, soprano, 7 performers, video projection, 3 wirelss microphones, 3 movable loudspeakers and a greenhouse, super bien! Milchhof Berlin, Maulwerker Orte & Räume #3, 6. May 2022
Window Music Nr.1
for soprano and microphonded objects on window glass, 17:30 Min. premiered at KM28 Berlin, mumei 10, 18. Dec. 2021
Cluster to Chain
spacial composition in four movements for three groups with objects (outdoors, 7- 8 Min.) UA: Maulwerker Spaces & Places #2, Sarottihöfe Berlin, September 2021
Gaze and Friction
spacial composition for 3 -6 performers, mirrors, objects and voices, 8 Min. UA: KONTAKTE, Galerie Amalienpark Berlin, August 2021
Window Music
score for being home alone, mumei publishing, July 2021
A or B
concert installation/audiovisual performance for 7 performers, objects, multichannel sound, live-video and participating audience, 90 Min. WP: 18. June 2021, Ballhaus Ost Berlin
for 6 performers, mirrors and objects in a hudge distance. Dedicated to Mieko Shiomi. 6 min. (UA: Maulwerker Orte & Räume#1 ACUD Innehöfe, Berlin August 2020)
Air & Surfaces #1
for 2 hands, breath, laptop and packaging chips 1:42 Min. video with sound for Safe and Sound, April 2020 (Field Notes)
for 5 + x performers, 10+y plastic cups and 1 bottle of water, 7 Min. (various versions 2008-2021)

for 5 performers, voices and objects, 7:20 Min. (UA: KONTRAKLANG, Heimathafen Neukölln Nov. 2016)

Ortung im Trüben
for 5 performers, objects, 2 trumpets, organ and video projection, 13:40 Min. (UA: 05.06. 2014, in the frame of Sink or Swim with xlr female, Sophiensaele, Berlin)

Unfollow. This is me
for 2 performers, objects, voice samples, live voices, static and moving loudspeakers, for Annette Krebs, 10:20 Min. UA: ausland Berlin März 2013; Museum Serralves Porto Mai 2015

score and costume for Antonia Baehr,her live voice and tape in three languages, 11:28 Min. ABECEDARIUM BESTIARIUM 2012/13
text-sound-composition for 2 performers, live-Cam, objects and loudspeakers by Emma Bennett & Steffi Weismann, 18:00 Min. UA: STRAHLER Berlin 2013; Labor Sonor Berlin 2015
Intro for doorbell-Iinstallation, 5 performers with sound objects, live-video and audience, 34:00 Min. UA: 3.7.2008 SITUATIONEN - maulwerker performing music, Villa Elisabeth Berlin
for 6 live voices, synthetic voices and rotating objects, 10 Min. UA: 19.05.2006, ZKM Karlsruhe 2006; Symposion Musik und Sprache KKL Luzern 2006; TESLA Berlin 2006, Moments Musicaux Aarau 2008, Witte-de-Witt Rotterdam 2012, Sinuston-Festival Magdeburg 2015
si e si
for live voices, synthetic voices and ball percussion, trio version (8 min.) with Fernanda Farah and Michael Renkel, ausland Berlin 2004; Ensemble version (9 Min.) with Ute Wassermann an Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Centro Experimental Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, 2004