Performance for microphoned tin cans, voices and swinging speaker
composition & performance: Steffi Weismann (25 Min., 2021)
live-mix, sound design: Elif Gülin Soğuksu
WP: October 2nd 2021all the lonely people, 25 years Villa Aurora, Kuppelhalle, Silent Green, Berlin
January 7. 2022 digital Version/Livestream at Errant Sound, Berlin
with an artist talk moderated by Volker Straebel
produced by Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles
April 8. 2022 BAM!-Festival, Volksbühne Sternfoyer, Berlin

Downtime starts at the energetic low point where we are just able to lift a finger. From minimal gestures with familiar objects, Weismann develops her own sound world, which in the course of the piece unfolds an intoxicating dynamic with full physical engagement.