audiovisual composition/performance by Steffi Weismann
voices, objects, field recordings, live-microscope cam and historical film sequences (21.min.)
Festival Heroines of Sound #5, HAU 2, Berlin, 2018; Amerbach Studios Basel, 2019; Festival Ostrava Days, Tschechien, 2019;
Field Kitchen Academy, Brandenburg, 2020

> video
> sound

The composition is based on the photographed growth cycle of peas from 1930. It reflects the relationship between nature and technology over almost five generations. Acoustic spaces and specifically amplified sounds immerse us in an abstract microcosm and yet remain close to our physical existence and perception. How does a 10 year old girl imagine life of earth in the future and how are scientists dealing with multi-resistant germs?
The timing and process of the composition is characterized by cicles, repetitions and unpredictable twists. Sounds of amplified brain waves or electrostatically charged hair are part of performative actions with microphoned and microscopized objects. With her live voice, the performer creates laryngeal vibrations, breaths or hissing noises that create synergies between machine, creature and plant, and mix with field recordings and live material sounds.