soloperformance for prepared tin cans, voice
and wireless amplifications (25-30 Min.)
March 27th 2022, READY MAKING #5, am Flutgraben 3, Berlin
December 15th 2022, CCCC Centre del Carme, Valencia Spain

April 19th 2023 Experimetik #63 Berlin

The function of things and the relationships to them elude and shift with or against their material properties, changing their attribution as everyday objects, resonating bodies, microphones or loudspeakers, mediums or actors. The open end sounds through strings, cans, and the hands of the audience.

Uncanny Motions is a kind of instant composition that Steffi Weismann presents in various site-specific versions. Wireless microphones and portable Bluetooth speakers - some of which are located in the tin cans - are part of this setting, but remain invisible in the scene. The surface of the floor, the size and reverberation of the room, the existing furniture and the people present have a decisive influence on the spatiality and presence of the sounds. Through sensual perception, delicacy and coincidence, transparency and silence, the magic of the moment can abruptly emerge.