Verena Kuni: "Steffi Weismann's performative experiments in communication with machines aim less to probe the potentials of technology than to take us back to ourselves - which is essentially present in and behind every human-machine communication, even if the aims are apparantly quite different ones." (Vis-a-Vis, Artist Monography)

Dieter Schnebel: "Daring: Steffi Weismann's pieces are thus always a risk, sometimes a big one, often small: they treat the ordinary in extraordinary and the extraordinary in ordinary ways. There is a certain cheekiness about them." (Vis-a-Vis, Artist Monography)

Pascale Grau: "The audio-visual experience of Weismann as a live-acting sound-processing body – that is, a kind of fusion of physicality and technology generating a sound collage – is part of the specificity of her performance Lapstrap. In this respect, Weismann’s work can be viewed in the tradition of Fluxus and acoustic art." (archiv performativ)

Christoph Schuller: "... extremely diverse, she serves several levels of perception, is intellectually challenging and at the same time liberatingly humorous, superficially contradictory (which makes it interesting), but at its core plausible." (Musiktexte 169)