Steffi Weismann & Die Maulwerker (ensemble for experimental vocal music, music theatre & fluxus)
First connection to the ensemble 1989 through a fluxus project at the art academy Berlin directed by Dieter Schnebel. 1993 she became a group member. Since then various international performances with the ensemble as a vocal performer. Since 2001 also spacial concepts and video for concerts and collaboration as a composer-performer in the collective processes.

  Compositions by Steffi Weismann for the Maulwerker using language, objects, sounds, movements and interactions:
  apropos for für 6 voices, computer voices & rotating objects (2006)
  Passage Intro for 5 performer, doorbell-installation and audience (2008)
  Fountain for 5 + x performer, 10 + y plastic cups and 1 bottle of water (various versions 2008-2016)
  folie for 6 performer, voices and objects (2016)